Auto-clicker is software that helps to automate clicks or taps or even various functions. Google’s Smartphone operating systems – Android accounts for the majority of the thiết bị di động devices on the planet, with reportedly 2.3 billion active users. As such, in this article, we will discuss the page đầu tự động hóa clicker for Android.

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But before that, it is essential khổng lồ know what an Auto Clicker is & its functions correctly? In simple words, Auto lớn Clicker is a computer application or program that allows users lớn automate tasks, including clicks or taps. Also, developers have also come up with programs that enable one to lớn automate several functions on the Android device.

Why Use Aulớn Clicker Software?

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Best 11 Android Aulớn clicking Apps

There are many reasons lớn use Aukhổng lồ Clicker applications, and one of the most basic is that users can leverage this software to lớn complete cumbersome, repetitive sầu, tedious & tiring tasks. Not only it saves time but also energy.

Moreover, there are several games on Android that demand fast screen tapping. For that matter, such pieces of an automated computer program can help gamers avoid the pain of tapping. Also, Aulớn Clickers for Android are even more accurate than human fingers.

Some of these software do more than tự động tapping. These programs are competent to lớn run various other functions on the phone. Reportedly, many scammers make use of an tự động clicker for fraudulent activities such as clicking on ads. It is important to note that such click frauds are punishable & could land anyone inlớn a problem. Avoid using this software for these any fraudulent activities.

Best 11 Android Auto clicking Apps

Many users leverage this programmed software on e-commerce websites and clicking games. One can use the software when e-commerce sites tend khổng lồ have timers at the time of first come first serve sầu sales, where the first khổng lồ click gets the benefit of the sale. Indeed, setting a computer programmed clicker will outperkhung human touch. Although it is unethical, it is fun khổng lồ use it, especially for games.

Most of the apps are programmed to lớn carry out any action on the Android device. Generally, these apps have a floating panel that allows users lớn initiate, stop or pause the tapping easily. One can get most out of these programs by setting actions, triggers or even a series of actions. The best part of many of these tự động tapper is that it does not entail any rooting of a phone.

Rooting is a method that permits one to gain root access to an Android operating system on the phone. It is similar lớn ‘jailbreaking’ on Apple phones. The technique offers users complete access khổng lồ modify or alter the software code. With rooting, one can also install third-buổi tiệc nhỏ applications that the original manufacturer won’t accept usually.

Below are 5 of the best Auto-tapping apps in the market:

1 – Automatic Clicker – Best Auto-clicker for android

Automatic Clicker icon

Automatic Clicker is one of the oldest and best screen tapping software in the market. It does wonders for gamers that needs have demvà for accurate, fast và repetitive taps. The ứng dụng allows users to lớn mix a particular location on the screen to tap at predefined intervals without requiring for root access of a phone.

The không lấy phí software works smoothly on full-screen applications. With Automatic Clicker, gamers can keep the game active without being active themselves. One can set tự động hóa taps, and then just sit baông chồng and relax lớn see the automation unfold. As part of its features, the program allows users lớn stimulate single và double taps. One of the best features of the program is that the developers of the application have pledged to lớn keep all features free. However, it comes with advertisements, so it comes in the way at times.


One of the significant advantages of Automatic Clicker is that it allows customisation.The application has a friendly user interface & experience.Automatic Clicker is compatible with both điện thoại & web games.It can cliông chồng on any part of the screen.


The không tính phí version of the application comes with advertisements.Users have sầu complained of bugs in the program, especially when using the multi-mode.At times the program force closes.

2 – AutoInput

AutoInput icon

AutoInput is yet another auto tapper that does not require root access. The ứng dụng allows users to automate multiple functions without the need to touch the screen even once after initiating the clicker. Users can control the clicker using gestures or programmable buttons.

Although, there are one stumbling blocks, that AutoInput only works only if the Tasker ứng dụng is installed on the Android device. Therefore, users are required lớn first install both software as they work in conjunction.

Once both the applications are on the Android device, one has to lớn use the AutoInput program as an ‘accessibility service.’ The program works as a plugin of Tasker. Users can vì so by navigating lớn Settings > Accessibility Option. Once done, use the ứng dụng lớn activate the full version of AutoInput.

Therefore, khổng lồ user AutoInput lớn its full potential, one must first learn the modus operandi of the Tasker application. Tasker is a condition-based automation tiện ích that triggers actions based on predetermined conditions that a user sets.

Moreover, the app allows several tools to exedễ thương automation on Android device. However, the app has its limitations & does not automate second layer functions such as it does not tap buttons within an app. However, the AutoInput phầm mềm compensates this flaw.


The paid version of the application is sturdy và robust.It offers various automation.


It requires additional support from a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ application.Users have sầu reported several bugs such as notification bar get stuck when the phone is on full screen.The free version is light on features.

3 – Tapping

Tapping icon

Tapping is one of the lathử nghiệm apps lớn feature on our danh sách of best Auto Clicker for Android. The app comes in two versions – the basic version is free, và the pro edition comes at a small fee where users can unloông chồng various features. Interestingly, the basic edition is more than sufficient for simple clicking task for games.

Once the tiện ích is on the Android device, users have sầu lớn agree to provide permissions. One has khổng lồ grant accessibility consent khổng lồ allow the phầm mềm khổng lồ make the taps or clicks.

The team behind the application is active & updates it at regular intervals. Tapping is a user-friendly phầm mềm that makes it very easy for users khổng lồ underst& it’s interface at first glance. More so, it provides in-depth configuration to lớn suit the needs of every user. One can set tap very accurately without any complications.

For gamers, the phầm mềm is a dream come true. It works wonders for gamers that require fast & accurate taps. It comes with a moveable control panel, allowing users to lớn mix the position on the screen. More so, it comes with time interval functionality, where users can mix not only the time gap between taps but also the length of each cliông chồng. One of the more interesting function is that it permits to lớn set multiple pointers anywhere on the screen. Users can set the actions & sit baông xã và relax to see the automatic operation unfold in front of your eyes.


The ứng dụng is currently the best tự động tap tiện ích in the market.It has a clean and modern user interface.The floating control panel offers users more control of the tapping, hence, making the clicks precise.


The không tính phí version has a lot of limitations.

4 – AnkuLua

Ankulua icon

AnkuLua is a script-based tự động hóa tap application. User has khổng lồ run the scripts for the program to exeđáng yêu actions on the Android device. The best feature of the software is that it does not require the user to lớn code. All a user has to bởi vì is record your actions and then set the conditions khổng lồ run the script.

Interestingly, the application has svào community support, where users nói qua their code or ideas. More so, the developers of the phầm mềm also offer support. The basic edition of the program is không tính tiền, & the pro version has multiple choices. For the paid version, users can choose from one month license, six months or one year license.

AnkuLua is a perfect fit for gamers that want to avoid the cumbersome & tiring clicking. The application allows users lớn automate various actions without the need to lớn write a piece of code. The program offers several advanced functions such as drag and drops functionality, & time interval clicking.


User does not have to code.It has a trusted and active developer team in addition to the community support.The phầm mềm works perfectly with most apps & games.The recording functionality is easy lớn use.


The không tính phí version of the application only allows users khổng lồ run one script.

5- Automate

Automate icon

The Automate software is a flowchart-based application whereby one sets a predetermined flow of blocks lớn exeđáng yêu specific actions on the Android device. Each blochồng is represented visually, hence, making it easy to edit the flowchart. The application best suits when a user wants to schedule clicks to automate some of the functions. More so, Automate application will also be able to persize second layers functions such as launching an app và perkhung a function within that ứng dụng.

Besides, implementing automatic actions is very easy. The best part of the program is that the free version is clear of advertisements. The free edition also offers users to phối 30 blocks, which is more than enough to lớn automate basic tasks. The ứng dụng provides an extensive sầu danh mục of actions that one can exeđáng yêu on the Android device.

Interestingly, the phầm mềm has in-app active sầu community support that shares several custom flowcharts.


The built-in danh mục of building blocks increases the automation possibilities.Automate has a clean user interface and is very easy to lớn use.

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User has complained that tiện ích force stops at times.

6 – Automagic

Automagic icon

Automagic is similar khổng lồ the Automate app, where it uses flow khổng lồ expound the automation process. Users are required to lớn permit the accessibility services on the phone. Granting accessibility services to the ứng dụng will enable features such as control of the user interface on screen & nội dung awareness of the on-screen content. The phầm mềm is also used by differently-abled people lớn ease complex interactions.

The app is known lớn manage tons of device actions including advanced operations such as executing URLs, configuring geo locations, locking the phone and even auto-replying lớn text messages.

Akin to the aforementioned Automate app, the Automagic uses flows that consists of conditions, triggers and actions. The application comes with a massive sầu menu of built-in triggers, actions and conditions. As such, it makes it very easy for the user khổng lồ phối their flow. Users can use the tiện ích for not only for tự động clicking games but also phối various automation process on the phone.

The best part of the application is that users can set any number of the element. More so, adding, removing or editing any of the elements is easy as the flowchart is displayed graphically.


The best of the application is that it offers a dry run of all its features in the trial period.Graphical interpretation of the flows makes it visualise và edit the flow of automation actions.


Users have reported that at times, the phầm mềm does not detect wifi connections.

7- Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro

HiroMacro icon

Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro is one of the oldest auto tap programs for Android device. It was first released in 2015 and last updated in 2017. Thousands of users tải về the famed tiện ích from the Play Store. Users need to root their device khổng lồ use Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro.

The program can record multiple taps và then users can view them later repeatedly. The ứng dụng has very friendly user-interface and experience. It is a simple program and is best suited for those that want simple clicking.

One can use a simple scripting language khổng lồ exexinh đẹp powerful và robust features on the tiện ích.


It is simple to lớn use and suitable for amateur users.The app suits gamers that vày only want a simple auto-clicker and not an advanced automation app.


One of the significant downsides of the software is that it needs root access. It also one of the reasons that users are rating the ứng dụng poorly.The developer team is no more active sầu.

8 – Droid Automation

Droid Automation icon

Droid Automation is an easy khổng lồ use automation software. The best part of the phầm mềm is that it has a simple và straightforward interface that makes it easy for first-time users. Droid Automation is not only a perfect tool for clicking games, but it is good lớn persize various automation. The ứng dụng is favourite of many & has over a hundred thousvà downloads on the play store. Droid Automation was last updated in April.

The application has several built-in tasks lớn choose from. To automate, users only have sầu khổng lồ create triggers, và then select functions from the stacked library. The app can work wonders for gamers. It can make their life easier by automating continuous taps in games.


Clean và easy khổng lồ navigate user interface.The phầm mềm does not feature any advertisements.


Users have sầu complained that update lớn the last version has resulted in the malfunction of some of the triggers.

9 – RepetiTouch Pro (root)

Repeticảm biến Pro icon

RepetiTouch Pro is a tool to lớn automate clicks và simultaneously record and replay the number of screen touches a user performs. The application comes with a customizable và draggable control panel. Akin khổng lồ the aforementioned Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro, it also needs users to lớn root their Android device. Rooting a Mobile phone allows users to lớn configure và alter features that once were not approved by default. Once rooted, a user is the master of the phone and can make changes khổng lồ it.

Beyond automating taps, Repeticảm biến Pro can perform various actions. It can memorise every action one does on the screen of the phone.

The root phầm mềm is designed such that not only it records the touchscreens but also allows users lớn configure some repetitions of the automated clicks. Also, one can also mix the tốc độ and time interval of the taps.

Initiating the tiện ích will result in a floating window that has straightforward buttons. Users can also configure them to suit their needs.


It comes with a floating control panel.


Users have khổng lồ root the device lớn use the application.

10 – MacroDroid

MacroDroid icon

MacroDroid is a macro-based tự động clicker tiện ích. Beyond, tự động hóa tapping the tiện ích is also capable of automating some operations on the device. Ahy vọng its features, the best is that it comes with over a hundred pre-programmed actions. The program has a user-friendly interface & works smoothly even with complex functions.

It is one of the best Android tự động hóa clicking apps and often is favourite among gamers. Beyond that, one can also use it to automate various tasks such as battery optimisation, internet connectivity, and creating sound profiles.

To further customise it, users can also make use of the plugin và scripts. Users can download the ứng dụng for miễn phí, but the only catch is that it has five sầu macro limitations. On a positive sầu note, it allows the user to lớn leverage most of the functions in the không tính tiền version. If it works well, one can purchase the pro version that has no limitation on some macros.


The vast amount of pre-loaded action is one of the most significant advantages. It almost covers most of the necessary automation actions.It has a clean user interface và user experience.


Users can find the installation process a bit challenging.

11 – E-Robot

E-Robot icon

E-Robot is an event-based tự động hóa tap phầm mềm. It is a compelling and robust application that comes built-in with over one hundred & seventy sự kiện variations và over one hundred and fifty action types. User can exedễ thương events based using time-triggers.

One of the exciting features of the application is that it supports JavaScript. Besides, E-Robot also syncs well with third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ tools and plugins. Akin to lớn most tự động clickers, E-Robot also comes in two editions – không tính tiền and premium. The team behind the software are generous as the không tính tiền version does not laông chồng any feature. The only difference with the paid version is that the không tính phí edition will display advertisements.


It has a vast collection of built-in actions and events.The free version offers all features.E-Robot is very powerful and works even for complex automation tasks.


The user interface may seem difficult at first.E-Robot is designed for advanced users.

Above sầu we have listed the trang nhất best tự động hóa clicker apps for Android device. Our feature danh mục is a mix of programs that need and vì chưng not need root access. Most of the applications offer a không tính phí version khổng lồ try, allowing users to choose before paying for the advanced paid editions. There are some other apps online that vày the same job, but we have listed only the top eleven. Users can even try other available programs such as Aulớn Tapper, FastTap, HabiTap, BluePoint, và Easy cảm ứng.

In most cases, auto-clickers or tự động hóa tap apps are leveraged to lớn stimulate taps on sản phẩm điện thoại devices. But the above sầu danh sách also has applications that go beyond tapping. One can always use the above-listed software khổng lồ automate various tasks, from basic to complex ones, on the phone. More so, the apps are worth a try to lớn entertain yourselves on the way automation can ease a lot of the manual tasks.

Although in most cases, the tự động tap apps are used for gaming automation, many scammers use it for cliông xã fraud. Cliông chồng fraud is a severe offense và is punishable by the law. As such, these tự động tap apps must never be used for such purposes.