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Tạo Ngay



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Mapletree Business Center, 1060 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minch City

Grab is more than just the leading ride-hailing & Mobile payments platkhung in Southeast Asia. We use data and công nghệ to improve everything from transportation lớn payments và financial services across a region of more than 6đôi mươi million people. We work with governments, drivers, passengers, merchants, & the community, khổng lồ solve critical problems in Southeast Asia.

Grab began as a taxi-hailing phầm mềm in 2012, but we have since extended our sản phẩm platform to include GrabCar, GrabShare, GrabBike, GrabHitch, GrabExpress, GrabFood, GrabCoach, GrabShuttle, GrabCycle. We recently launched our fintech platform – GrabFinancial, which consists of payments, lending and insurance. Our lademo addition is GrabVentures, an in-house incubation platkhung. We are focused on pioneering new commuting và payment alternatives for drivers và passengers with an emphasis on convenience, safety, & reliability. Currently, we offer services in 8 countries. Our R&D offices are in Singapore, Seattle, Beijing, Bangalore, Jakarta & Vietnam. We aspire to lớn unloông xã the true potential of Southeast Asia và look for like-minded individuals to lớn join us on this ride.

Be Part of the Everyday Everything App

Life at Grab is all about positive disruption – and yes, crazy days are part of that package too. Still, that’s never stopped a Grabber from having fun. In fact, it’s what keeps us motivated lớn shake things up further.

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Life as a Grabber means succeeding in a culture ofpassion and innovation. We are hungry khổng lồ make a difference, & recognise that good decisions often come from the heart. We are humbled by our communities, và are proud khổng lồ serve them with honour. We come from all over the world, united by a common goal tomake life better everydayfor our users.


Flat hierarchyFlexible working hoursHigh growth opportunitiesDiverse & inclusive sầu teamsExciting projects with high impactA feedbaông chồng cultureMedical coverageRegular social eventsFree flow pantriesFlexi benefitsCasual dress codePotential stock options

When Grab first started everyone had khổng lồ hustle. Now that we are growing we strive to keep this going.

When one team or employee is having trouble, there is never any shortage of help to lớn come their way. At Grab we don’t believe in silos, but we do believe sầu in each other.